Who We Are

We are Studio Novi. We envision, create, and maintain. We are programmers, developers, and designers. We maintain state of the art server facilities. We are a one-stop for all your tech needs. Our clients are located nationwide: they are small businesses, startups, and enterprises. We believe in quality work, timely response, and establishing a true partnership with our clients.


We build beautiful, functional web sites and cloud apps. Combined with the latest industry technology, all of our sites are display responsive. All Studio Novi sites are launched with a custom Content Management System that allows businesses to edit their content with unprecedented ease. Please browse our Business Solution Section in the navigational menu.

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If you're looking for programming resources, then you came to the right place. We have a great team of programmers who work on a multitude of advanced projects from Server Cloud Apps to Visual Studio projects requiring local computer resources. Please browse the sections Enterprises & Startups.

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We have the servers. We maintain the servers. Our servers are scalable. And we do it all for you. You no longer need to be inconvenienced by the hassle of having to look for developers and then for scalable server solutions. Hire Studio Novi and we'll develop and set up your own scalable server/hosting solutions, maintain it, develop on it, and upgrade it if necessary.


Our custom-built web and cloud app solutions give you the edge you need to navigate today's cut-throat marketplace. Studio Novi products reflect sophistication and quality. We give you the tools you need to have control over the products and services you purchase from us. We are proud to offer a suite of competitive, world-class, affordable products and services built for your success, We are an American company.



Small businesses must have functional, beautiful websites.  All Studio Novi websites are display responsive and fully editable while being affordable. Our prices make the competition nervous and help our clients to thrive. We have created a business model in which our advanced programming team has mastered a formula for speedy and efficient development. Read more


Developers stick together.  As developers ourselves, we work closely with third-party developers and have our finger on the pulse of what's going on in the highly-competitive world of tech. Many of the outside developers we work closely with have become Studio Novi resellers. We provide them with reliable servers, innovative prouducts, helpful consultation, and project direction. Many of them have found it cheaper and easier to use our cloud apps as a platform to launch their own development and hosting firms. Read more


We have developed an array of cloud apps that rival our competition. Would you like to start sending mass emails without paying exorbitant prices? Would you like to launch a PCI compliant eCommerce store? Or, would you like to update your own site? We have you covered. Please browse the the section Cloud Apps. Read more


OK, so you have a great idea. You have looked around for a development team. You then discovered how much programmers actually make or demand. And then you got totally discouraged because you don't have enough capital to launch your idea. We work with startups. We know startups. Talk to us. Read more


Are you looking for a programming team that can help you develop a large scale application? Are you looking to supplement your existing team of programmers? Are you looking for tech consulting? You came to the right place. We program, evaluate, and consult. Talk to us and you might be surprised by how much you get for a low price.  Read more


Are you tech savvy? Are you quick on your feet? Have you ever dreamed of opening up your own tech company? Talk to us. We might be able to help. We believe in people who think outside of the box and are not afraid of challenges. People like you from all over the country have come to us to get the programming and hosting resources necessary to turn the wheels of their business, while remaining in total control of their own companies. Read more


We think, we research, and then we create. We conceive ideas and implement the final product in innovative ways. We formulate new methodologies and better ways to optimize.  We believe we just have a better way of developing. Here are a few of our latest projects.


We asked ourselves a simple question: why do people like templates? Because templates are fast, easy, inexpensive, and editable. So we thought to ourselves, why not develop an inexpensive, custom-designed website tailored to the client's business, and at the same time give the customer the tool to make it fully editable with a fun and quick app?
Learn more today about the excellent Studio Novi Content Management System. 


We have a secret we want to share with you.  Most mass mailing companies are charging you too much. Studio Novi offers a mass-mailing app that's easy-to-use, and a lot more affordable than the other guy's. Ask us about our mass mailing app today.

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Have you ever searched the web for truly PCI Compliant Hosting? We did and it was nearly impossible to find. After all, PCI DSS Compliance is mandatory for every company doing business online. Realizing that there was a PCI vacuum in the marketplace, Studio Novi decided to offer a service to help eCommerce companies achieve the PCI compliance they need. Learn more today about the affordable and easy PCI Compliance service at Studio Novi.


At Studio Novi, we like to think we're changing the way the world does business.  We love the idea of Cloud Hosting and Scalability: pay only for what you need and then buy more resources only when needed. And then we thought, why not apply the scalable principal to programming services, too? So that's what we did.  At Studio Novi, you can get the essential programming services you need, step by step, at your conveneince, and as it becomes necessary to your business. Learn more about Studio Novi programming services today.


Our success depends on yours.  Our core mission is to give you the best solutions at the best price. Take a look at a few of our recent success stories.
Here are some businesses that asked us to conceive, consult, and develop their online commerce, brand, and message.

  • FreshPack Produce

    FreshPack Produce is a national food distribution company that operates in more than 20 states. FreshPack came to Studio Novi because their WordPress site was being regularly hacked. The situation came to a critical point when their IP was Blacklisted. After a thorough analysis of the site, Studio Novi laid out a new development and security plan.  FreshPack now enjoys a gorgeous custom site with total security. No hacks have been detected since they went live with their new Studio Novi site. 

  • colorado springs sister cities international

    Colorado Springs Sister Cities International is a non-profit organization whose executive board asked Studio Novi to revitalize their online presence, reach a larger audience, and implement a tool for revenue growth. A new site was urgently needed to accommodate their new strategic plan, updated logo and message, and to reach an increasingly young and mobile audience. Studio Novi developed a brand new display responsive site compatible with all devices. Then we connected the site to the Studio Novi CMS. As a result, CSSCI has elevated its profile in the community, is able to quickly and easily alter site content, and offer potential members and donors new ways to interact with them online.


    A San Diego restaurateur came to Studio Novi for help in developing a fresh and modern site for his latest upscale culinary venture. Because the new restaurant involved the world famous Iron Chef, careful detailed attention was required with every aspect of the site both visually and programmatically. Working under severe time constraints and a tight budget, Studio Novi was able to accommodate the customer by rolling out the entire project in 14 days and under budget.  Using the Studio Novi CMS and cloud apps, Sovereign Kitchen is able to maintain control of the site's frequently-changing content, and reach out to potential new diners with innovative Internet marketing tools. 


The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.
Vince Lombardi